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Life as you’ve known it is changing, and you need to prepare for a future that stands in limbo because of your pending divorce or custody matter. Everything you have worked hard for and care about could be taken away. We understand how hard this is to go through and the fears and doubts that often arise in these situations. Our job, our business, is to crush those doubts and help you reclaim your future and retain those things that are most important to you.

Whether you need help with a pre-nuptial agreement, establishing your rights as a parent, or your entire divorce, we have the experience to advocate your cause. With over 35 years of exclusive family law experience held by our lawyers at O’Connor Family Law, we have the knowledge and skill to apply creative and modern solutions to your case, whether that’s through negotiation or litigation.

Our team of exceptional family lawyers won’t let your case become something that feels like an ordinary occurrence; we believe you deserve an extraordinary approach. We will stand up for you and your children just like we would fight for our own.

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What We Can Do For You

The most common family law case is divorce, which often entails much more than just ending a marriage. If you and your partner share children and cannot agree on a parenting plan, a judge would have to decide on the future care and custody of your kids in addition to your other marital issues. It can be emotionally difficult to let a stranger make decisions about your children, but our compassionate Westborough attorneys can make sure that your family’s needs are addressed and met.

Regardless of the issues your family is facing, the legal team from O’Connor Family Law can fight to help you get a positive resolution. Examples of family disputes we can help you with include:

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Custody icon-image
Parental Alienation icon-image
Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements icon-image
Guardian Ad Litem icon-image
Restraining Orders icon-image
Contempt icon-image
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Are You Truly Prepared For Divorce?
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It’s our job to know everything there is to know about divorce, but have you done your homework? As it turns out, a little research can head off a lot of conflict in the long run. Our free downloadable resource explores:

  • Common misconceptions about divorce
  • Lesser known facts about divorce
  • The definitions of important legal terms
  • And more!

Go ahead and download the free report if you’d like to learn more. All you have to do is enter your email address, and then you’ll be one step closer to the information you need to stay on top of your divorce proceedings.


Who We Are

Your team at O’Connor Family Law is committed to working together to bring you consistent, efficient, and first-class representation and service. Unlike hiring a sole practitioner, you are hiring a team of professionals to advocate on your behalf when you have O’Connor Family Law behind you.

Your team will consist of one paralegal, two attorneys, and you (you are an important team member). We have found that the team aspect has not only helped to keep costs down, but to ensure that, if one of your team members are out sick or on vacation when something important in your case unexpectedly comes up, or if a scheduling conflict arises, you can be rest assured that you have someone behind you who is completely up-to-date on your case and can jump in at a moment’s notice. You will never be double billed for any time more than one team member spends on your case (unless you have specifically requested both attorneys attend court or a meeting with you), so you are essentially getting two family attorneys for the price of one.

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Help From Our Westborough Family Law Attorneys

Westborough is part of Worcester County. When you face a family-law related issue such as custody or divorce, your case will be heard within the Worcester County Probate and Family Court. Thorough preparation and solid legal arguments will make a big difference in achieving a positive outcome for your family no matter which direction you are taking in attempting to resolve your case. Whether you are ending your marriage, disputing the custody of your kids, or trying to adjust support payments, our knowledgeable Westborough lawyers can help you with your family law matter.

Every case is different because every person is different. Some people will need to seek court intervention. Some people will be able to work everything out amicably without litigation. Others may need a combination of both. Our experienced family attorneys can be used in many ways – to help educate you and guide you through a mediation you attend on your own, to draft documents for you to file, to teach you how to go into court to argue for yourself, to attend mediation, conciliation, or arbitration with you, or to actually litigate, as well as any combination of those. We understand there is not a singular “right” way to do things. After you retain us, we will have a strategy meeting at our Westborough office or virtually to determine what the best strategy to move your case forward efficiently in accordance to what is important to you and your situation.

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