Restraining Orders in Westborough Domestic Violence Cases

Restraining orders can be instrumental in gaining protection in cases of genuine harassment, domestic violence, or spousal abuse. Unfortunately, they are just as often wrongly obtained to help one side gain the upper hand in a pending divorce or custody case. As a protective court order, they can have serious ramifications—both in a legal and personal sense. When someone even simply alleges a violation of a restraining order, the person who has the order against them could be charged with a criminal offense, arrested, and potentially end up in jail.

If you have been served with a restraining order, it’s crucial that you start preparing a legal defense immediately. O’Connor Family Law has successfully defended attempts for restraining orders to be obtained by controlling or manipulative exes and can help you devise the best approach to ensure your legal rights are upheld if you’ve found yourself needing to defend false allegations. We can also help you acquire a restraining order if you genuinely need protection against ongoing harassment or violence. Call one of our Westborough family lawyers today to learn more about the restraining order laws and how they apply to your particular case. Do not delay – when it comes to protecting yourself against a restraining order, every moment counts.

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