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You chose to get divorced because you wanted to separate your life from your ex. Unfortunately, the legal implications of dissolving a marriage often impact ex-spouses long after divorce. Therefore, family legal professionals commonly address their clients’ needs before, during, and after the entry of a final divorce decree.

By working with a Westborough post-divorce disputes lawyer, you can minimize the legal, economic, and personal impact of unexpected family conflicts. Whether you need help interpreting the provisions of a divorce decree, modifying child custody, or petitioning to terminate alimony, our team can help because we have over 35 combined years of exclusive family law experience.

Common Post-Divorce Disputes in Westborough

Ex-spouses may be able to work through post-divorce disputes amicably by seeking guidance from a local attorney. Ex-spouses commonly disagree on the following issues:

  • Property Division – Asset distribution provisions in a divorce decree might apply to certain post-divorce transactions (i.e. selling the marital home, claiming pension benefits, liquidating stocks), which may result in conflict years later.
  • Child Custody/Child-Rearing – From conflicting opinions about child discipline to parental relocation, child custody disputes account for many post-divorce conflicts in the Commonwealth.
  • Spousal Support Modifications/Termination – Most alimony orders have conditions, including remarriage provisions. One spouse may move to increase, decrease, or terminate spousal support before the scheduled end date based on changed circumstances.
  • Child Support – Divorce decrees often contain state-mandated child support payments based on Massachusetts’ child support guidelines. However, parents who accumulate arrears or lose their jobs may necessitate child support modification hearings.

Irreconcilable differences and irretrievably broken marriages often lead to divorce. As such, similar disagreements frequently lead to post-divorce conflicts. Thoroughly addressing these disputes with the aid of a legal representative could prevent unnecessary re-litigation of closed family issues.

Requesting Judicial Intervention after a Divorce

Whether children report abusive behavior, co-parents refuse to pay support, or ex-spouses lie about cohabitating with a new partner, sometimes it’s necessary to engage in family litigation. Attorneys often petition for judicial intervention by filing a contempt if one party is not following the prior judgment or a modification seeking for the prior judgment to be changed in some way. A lawyer from O’Connor Family Law can help anyone dealing with conflict after their divorce petition seek to have an order enforced or to obtain a new order because circumstances changed.

Some family conflicts, including allegations of financial fraud or child abuse, necessitate emergent new legal proceedings. A lawyer can help ex-spouses understand their rights and file the right type of post-divorce litigation on their behalf.

Resolving Post-Divorce Arguments through Mediation

Not every family dispute requires contested judicial intervention. Occasionally, a divorce decree contains vague terms, leaving both parties wondering how to comply. Ex-spouses may address their post-divorce disputes with a lawyer through the following alternative means:

  • Private discussions between respective legal counsel about the terms of a divorce decree
  • Agreed re-negotiation of property division and alimony settlements
  • Family mediation at a law office
  • Binding arbitration with a certified legal professional (only for financial issues)
  • A joint petition requesting judicial clarification of divorce terms

These methods often prevent costly domestic relations litigation and save ex-spouses from reliving a painful divorce. Attorneys also can help co-parents draft proposed child custody and support modifications for judicial review as their children’s needs change with age. Most of these processes, however, take two people who are willing to work together and negotiate to allow them to work.

Connect with a Westborough Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney

Lingering family disputes commonly arise in the months and years following a divorce. Co-parents or ex-spouses with joint financial and business interests might need the assistance of a Westborough post-divorce disputes lawyer to resolve these conflicts.

Our legal team can help you address many post-divorce disagreements through mediation or with minimal judicial intervention. Call today to learn how O’Connor Family Law can help you with any challenges you may be facing after the termination of your marriage.

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