Westborough Cohabitation Agreement Lawyer

Rents and mortgages have skyrocketed making it more common to live with other people than ever before.  Whether you are about to move in a significant other or just other family members or friends, you can protect yourself beforehand with a cohabitation agreement. Similar to the idea of a prenup, a cohabitation agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of the people who will be living together during the period of cohabitation or in the event the situation doesn’t work out the way that was expected. This contract makes it easier to divide your personal property, disburse any security deposit, predetermine who moves out and who stays, as well as any other matter that could reasonably become a source of conflict.

At O’Connor Family Law, our Westborough cohabitation agreement lawyers believe that careful planning and foresight can prepare parties for future changes—and even strengthen existing relationships. A cohabitation agreement leaves no room for confusion about responsibilities, rights, and expectations. Give our divorce lawyers in Massachusetts a call to schedule a case evaluation. We know you’ll rest easy knowing you have a backup plan, giving you a degree of certainty in an otherwise uncertain situation.

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