Contempt of Court in Westborough Child Custody Cases

A Contempt of court occurs when someone willfully violates a clear judgment or order of the court, thereby undermining its authority, without just cause. Being accused of being in contempt of a court order is a very serious thing as it can carry a penalty that includes paying the other party’s attorney fees, or even worse, going to jail.  Filing a contempt if the other person is refusing to comply with a court order can be very helpful in making the other side fulfill his or her responsibilities to you and/or your children.  

You can trust our Westborough contempt of court attorneys to help you in matters related to filing or defending complaints for contempt. If your ex-spouse is neglecting their court-ordered responsibilities or if you are unfairly accused of being in contempt, you deserve the best representation. Our child custody attorneys can help you exercise your rights to the fullest extent. Call us to discuss any questions or concerns that you might have.

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