Westborough Child Custody Modifications Lawyer

Sometimes finances, relationships, or other circumstances change as life moves forward causing existing court orders or judgments to become unworkable or outdated. Thankfully, the law provides for some flexibility in these situations and prior judgments can be modified. When your prior judgment no longer works, you may be able to file a complaint for modification seeking that the court order a more suitable arrangement.  This is very important for child support cases where the payor’s income has changed or where the children are getting older and the prior parenting plan no longer is workable. To learn more seek the help of a child custody lawyer with our firm today.

How a Westborough Child Custody Modification Attorney Can Help

Our child custody modification lawyers in Westborough can help you determine whether your situation calls for a modification. Call O’Connor Family Law to modify an existing court order or to learn more. We will provide you with effective representation and work tirelessly to defend your best interests.

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