Theresa RobinsonAssociate Attorney

Attorney Theresa Robinson joined our team in the beginning of 2018. She has brought a powerful presence to the court room that has not only made an impression on our clients, but on opposing counsels as well. She is a powerhouse that does not back down when she is fighting for a person she believes in. Our clients have given glowing reviews of her empathetic viewpoint of the tough situations they are going through combined with her straightforwardness in telling them what they need to do to get the outcome they are seeking and the sense of humor that she brings to otherwise somber experiences.

Family Law Attorney

Attorney Robinson’s passion for Family Law stems from her own experiences that have brought her to find her home with O’Connor Family Law. Because of this, she quickly became a powerful advocate for divorce and child custody cases that we value immensely.

Education & Expertise

Attorney Robinson has been admitted to the Massachusetts Bar since 2010 and has primarily made her way as a legal consultant in the Greater Boston and MetroWest areas of Massachusetts.  She graduated with her Bachelors in Legal Studies from Lasell College in 2004 before she went on to obtain her Juris Doctor of Law from Suffolk University’s School of Law.

The scars on our brains are a reminder that our past is real BUT it’s up to us to grind those scars down into a fine powder until they no longer affect the outcome of our life.
- David Goggins
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