Remarkable Parent Nomination

At O’Connor Family Law, we know how tough it is to be a parent. Now more than ever, parents have a great deal of responsibility and pressure on them to support their children, ease their concerns, and keep them entertained all while simultaneously filling the roles of working adult, teacher, and parent. That is why we were excited to offer the chance to recognize one special parent for all of their hard work and unconditional love through our Remarkable Parent Nomination!




2020 Winner

This year’s winner is Nicole Doak!

To learn more about Nicole, please read her reaction statement below.

“I’ve lived in Massachusetts my whole life. I was born in central Mass, raised in central and then northern Mass, and moved to Framingham 20 years ago after graduating cum laude from UMass Amherst with degrees in English and in Psychology, and with a certification in Professional Writing and Technical Communication. Throughout college, I also was a single parent to my son Max.

After graduating, I accepted a job in Framingham and that’s where I met my husband, Kevin. By that time, Max was in kindgergarten. Kevin and I married in 2006, and Kevin legally adopted Max immediately after. I left my job and opened a home daycare. Unfortunately, I had to close the daycare for health reasons after having our son Nathan in 2012. It was then when I turned my attention towards community involvement and activism.

My involvement started with organizing the Women’s March Framingham group. From there I joined and became a Board Member of the Framingham Unit of the League of Women’s Voters. I coordinated a gun violence community event that kicked off the MetroWest Moms Demand Action group, and held child seperation community events the past two years. Last March, I created the Framingham Coronavirus Community Outreach group. Because of the group, I was invited to appear on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and was named the Framingham Rotary Club’s Citizen of the Year.

Everything I do stems from my love of my children – whether it’s using my voice on behalf of mothers who can’t use theirs, or providing emergency food and items for families affected by the pandemic. I do this work not only to make the world around my sons a little better, but to show them that sometimes, all it takes is one person to look around, speak up, and make a difference.
It’s important to me that both Max and Nathan are involved in some way in all that I do. Max was in charge of the sound system at the last child separation event, and Nathan has helped register new voters and walked in Framingham’s Flag Day Parades.

Regardless of what I do, there is no legacy I will ever leave behind, no contribution to the community that will ever be greater than that of my two boys – Max and Nathan. They truly are my pride and joy.

What Max and Kevin wrote meant more than I can say. I love my family wholy and unconditionally. The most important and meaningful role I’ll ever has is “Mama,” and I try very hard to be the best mom I can. Both pregnancies were difficult, but the love I have for my boys always has come easily. It humbles me and warms my heart to know that my family sees my love for them. There truly is no greater honor than your children and husband saying, ‘You’re a good mom.’

Thank you for this recognition.”

Thank you, Nicole!

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