"Helping Good People in Difficult Situations."
Michael DelSignore
(781) 686-5924

Mike is highly experienced in the area of drunk driving defense. He has contributed to the National DUI book regarding Cross Examining police officers as well as relating to Trends in DUI Discovery and Understanding the Prosecutor’s Perspective when Building a DUI Defense. He has also hosted a number of seminars and conferences and has been recognized within a number of newspapers, including the Attleboro Sun Chronicle, the Boston Globe, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, The Patriot Ledger, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, and Laywers USA DUI.

"Don’t roll the dice. Justice is not a game."
Timothy Kelliher
(508) 527-0030 (available 24/7)

Tim is a highly skilled criminal defense litigator with over 32 years of experience based out of Plymouth, Massachusetts. If you’ve been drinking and get pulled over: (1) Never: Take a breathalyzer, make any statements, or agree to take field sobriety tests; (2) Always: Ask to call your lawyer and be polite.

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