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Attorney Marianne Desrosiers decided to join the team at O’Connor Family Law because, after being an attorney since 1994, she found a firm where she felt the client truly came first and where empathy is prioritized to the same level as first-class legal representation.  She is known for her compassion, her negotiation skills, and her fierceness in the courtroom. All three traits which make her a valued attorney at O’Connor Family Law, and someone whom our clients love to work with. 

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Marianne saw a true need for people who are going through extremely difficult and complex divorce and custody cases need top-notch legal representation in a way that could be broken down to be easily understood.  She understands these trying times are often some of the worst moments of a person’s life. Her goal is to bring clarity, calmness, and security into moments of chaos and get people the results that they are seeking in the courtroom. 

Education & Expertise

Attorney Desrosiers graduated from Suffolk University School of Law in 1994.  Prior to that, she had obtained a Bachelors in Political Science and English from Providence College.  She regularly volunteers with Community Legal Aid in the Worcester Probate and Family Court as well as for her local community as she is the Vice Chair of Grafton’s Zoning Board of Appeals. She has one college-aged son, so she understands the various stages of parenthood people go through first-hand and can easily relate. When she’s not working on getting our clients great results, Marianne enjoys spending time with her friends and family and watching football. 

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Family law touches the lives of everyday people. It shapes the relationships between couples; between parents and their children; between children and their extended families. When a major change like divorce brings legal trouble to your doorstep, the outcome can influence the rest of your life—for better or for worse. Although we live in a world where divorce is often treated like an ordinary occurrence, we believe it warrants an extraordinary approach. O’Connor Family Law will treat your legal issue with the gravity it deserves, delivering assertive representation, one-on-one detailed service, and extensive knowledge based on years of experience in the field of family law.

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