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Child custody matters can be one of the most controversial topics in divorce. If you are going through a divorce and share children with your ex-spouse, our Hanover child custody lawyers can help you understand the legal process for these matters and the potential outcomes to your case. The attorneys at O’Connor Family Law have over 35 combined years of exclusive family law experience. Therefore, our team has the skill and knowledge to help you fight for the terms that serve the best interests of your child.

Determining Factors Child Custody Cases in Hanover

It should be emphasized that above all, the leading factor a court considers when determining a child custody matter is whether or not their decision will be in the child’s best interests. If both parties can work out the provisions of their custody arrangement, they may have the option to present it to the judge for the court’s approval. However, when ex-spouses have a difference of opinion regarding how to work out their parenting time, the final decision would rest with the court.

A judge would examine numerous factors in a case before deciding whether one or both parents should be granted custodial rights. For instance, the court may look at the relationship between each parent and their child and whether one spouse may be more prepared to promote a healthy and safe environment.

If the child prefers to live with one parent over the other, the court may factor in their desires. However, if the child’s wishes are opposed to their overall best interests, the judge may reach a different determination. Our lawyers in Hanover can offer legal support throughout someone’s child custody case.

What are the Types of Child Custody?

The law breaks custody down into two categories — legal and physical custody. Legal custody is the ability to make important decisions regarding a child’s education, medical care, social involvement, and religious upbringing. Physical custody, alternatively, determines where the child lives.

Parents may share either type of custody. However, if a parent shows the court that it best serves their child’s interests, they may be able to petition for sole custody.

Our firm has a great deal of experience representing a parent within a highly-contested divorce or custody matter. In one of our cases, the Father had been completely alienated from his children by the Mother, but after a trial, we were able to get the Father sole legal and physical custody of the children.  Your case may not be as extreme, but when there is a significant amount of conflict between the Parties, it is important to hire a custody lawyer who understands those types of situations.

Our Hanover attorneys can review your situation and help you pursue a custody arrangement that most aptly serves the needs of your child while protecting your parental rights.

Modifying a Parenting Time Arrangement in Hanover

There may be circumstances in which it is necessary to modify a custody arrangement after you’ve obtained an initial judgment. Parents only may request such modifications under certain situations, which is called a significant change of circumstances. For example, if one parent has to move out of state for work or one party is not fit to have custodial rights, the court may grant a modification.

We had a case where the initial parenting plan was put into place when the child was still a toddler. As the child entered school, that prior parenting plan was not going to work out, but the Father refused to agree to change it. We had to go back to Court to get a new parenting plan that took the change of the child entering school into consideration.

Obtaining a child custody modification can be extremely complicated, so it is wise to speak with our attorneys who can advise you during this process.

Speak with Our Hanover Child Custody Attorneys

At O’Connor Family Law, we understand that the safety and wellbeing of your child is your top priority. Let our Hanover child custody lawyers help ease the tensions of this emotional and stressful process. We can fight aggressively to protect your rights and safeguard the interests of you and your family. Reach out to our compassionate attorneys today.

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