Attorney DelloStritto comes to O’Connor Family Law with over 20-years experience as a trial prosecutor with the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office, where she handled thousands of cases, including felonies, adult and child sexual assault, domestic violence, and even murder charges. In other words, she’s not afraid of taking a case to trial and knows the litigation process inside and out. With her family law clients, she will strategize a case at the beginning to get them the best outcome possible. When she can negotiate an agreement to keep your life in your own control rather than at the whim of the Judge, she is great at doing so and can be as gentle and patient as needed to try to get you the result you’re seeking; however, if you cannot settle for what the other side is offering, she is a fierce litigator in the courtroom and will fight for your voice to be heard.

Attorney Kathleen DelloStritto currently focuses on domestic relations including divorce, custody, modification actions, child support, alimony, paternity, prenuptial agreements, and cohabitation agreements. Because of her background as a prosecutor, she fights extremely hard for her clients in cases where the other person is abusing the system by obtaining unnecessary restraining orders or filing domestic assault and battery charges solely to get an upper-hand in a divorce or custody issue. If you have found that you are a victim of a fraudulently obtained restraining order, you need Attorney DelloStritto on your side immediately.

Attorney DelloStritto is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, the United States District Court, and the United States Supreme Court. She graduated from Assumption College with a double major and then received her juris doctorate from Western New England School of Law. After a lengthy career as an Assistant District Attorney with the Office of District Attorney John J. Conte for the Middle District, Attorney DelloStritto became the Director of the County Courts and Training where she supervised and was responsible for ten District Attorney’s offices and was often a guest lecturer at trainings for statewide seminars and trainings because of her high level of experience and knowledge. She later returned to the District Attorney’s Office as the Chief of Domestic Violence Unit and Training. In addition, she has been an adjunct professor for Anna Maria College where she has taught Contemporary Constitutional Issues and Criminal Evidence, White Collar Crime, and Corrections.  She has served on the Board of Directors for New Hope, Inc. as well as St. Thomas More Society.

She is certified by CPCS for mental health litigation, which provides her with an edge in family law matters that most attorneys do not have.

If you’re interested in having Attorney DelloStritto on your side during your divorce or custody dispute, do not hesitate to contact our firm.